Help us to help them.
Pick up a packet and get growing!

We are now working on sourcing next years exciting selection of seeds for planting out in 2020! More on Our Seeds page.

Bee Population

Irish bees are in trouble.
Numbers have declined in recent years, but things are looking up!

Urgent Help

There are lots of ways to help bees.
So what can you do?

Bee Kind Seeds

Buy a packet of our nectar rich seeds. Sow them this spring and feed our Irish bees throughout the summer.

You're a Superhero

Thank you.
Because for every single
seed you plant,
you are making the world
a better place.

Bee Kind
Planting Seeds to Save the World

Our packs contain Nectar Rich, Easy to Sow
Aubrieta, Lavatera and Poppy Seeds

Perfect for those busy buzzy Irish bees

There are
different Bee Species

The Queen Bee lays up to
Eggs every day in the hive

It is estimated that up to
of bees have vanished over the past 15 years

Want to know some fun bee facts?