The Idea

I wonder if bees have favourite flowers?

The Inspiration

The idea for Bee Kind came to be after seeing a fluffy bumblebee buzzing around the flowers at home in the garden.

The thought struck me:

"I wonder if bees have favourite flowers?"

I looked it up and sure enough they do, so I figured why not give the bees
the flowers they want the most?

Why I started BeeKind.

The real kickstart for Bee Kind was seeing that bumblebee. It was one of those moments that could happen any other day and be competely insignificant, but on this day it brought into perspective, for me, the work that bees do. I found it sad that irrespective of bees’ hard work, humans still do very little to help them. It made me want to do something to help, but I didn’t know just what that was. I ┬ámulled it over for a while and eventually the lightbulb moment came: make it easy for people to plant the flowers that bees need and love.

It wasn’t until the start of Transition Year when I was given the opportunity to take part in the Student Enterprise programme, that I had the perfect chance to bring that idea to life.

Bee Kind was born and what was once a good intention has blossomed into a business that I can say with good conscience, I am proud to be part of.

Thanks for dropping by.