Happiness held is the seed;
Happiness shared is the flower.

John Harrigan


Our Bee Kind Seeds for Planting in 2019



Low growing, luscious purple blooms that will cover rock or wall surfaces.

For best results

Aubrieta loves a nice sunny spot in the garden with lots of sunlight and water. Plant in well draining soil. After blooming, Aubrieta is able to handle less water with no ill effects and responds well to being sheared back in the Autumn. See back of pack for more detail.


Tall and striking ruby coloured flowers.

For best results

Poppies love a well drained, sunny spot in the garden. Dead head during the growing season to control the spread of the poppies. Alternatively, leave the poppies to self seed and create a beautiful red vista. See back of pack for more detail.


Beautiful, delicate pink and white flowers.

For best results

As with the others, Lavatera likes to soak up the sun as well as some water.
Again well draining soil is recommended. During summer, a liquid fertiliser helps to prolong the blooming season. See back of pack for more detail.

  • These flower seeds were chosen as they are particularly rich in nectar.
  • They are easy to grow and take care of, but most importantly they attract our friendly pollinators, the bees.
  • It is best for the seeds to be planted 30cm apart from each other.
  • Soil should be thinly raked prior to planting.
  • The seeds need to be planted 1cm deep.
  • Using a good fertiliser will help produce a magnificent display.
  • Avoid using pesticides, as this will harm the bees.

NEW SEEDS COMING SOON for 2020 Planting.
Ready for delivery October 2019.